Good Spirited – A Bacardi Limited Sustainable Business Tradition

In the early 1850s, the Caribbean was awash in sugarcane molasses, a commodity so popular that sugarcane plantations sprung up all over the New World to cater to the world’s sweet tooth. In response to a challenge from the Spanish government to cut down on surplus molasses, Don Facundo Bacardí Massó opened his first rum distillery in Santiago, Cuba, on February 4, 1862.As a key part of his enterprise, Bacardi reused whiskey barrels for the aging of his company’s spirits.

From the very beginning, Bacardi has been mindful of sustainable business practices. The tradition continued until 2006, when the company formally began tracking its own use of resources. Bacardi made significant headway toward reducing waste, streamlining processes, and encouraging humane practices among its many suppliers. In just a few years, Bacardi scaled down water use in its facilities by 54 percent worldwide and reduced energy consumption by a quarter.

Today, the great success of the Bacardi Limited sustainability efforts has inspired the Company to unveil a new initiative called “Good Spirited: Building a Sustainable Future.” The innovative new plan, announced on the 152nd anniversary of the company’s founding, sets further goals for the company and names a number of specific targets for the coming decade.

For instance, by 2017 Bacardi aims to ensure that 40 percent of its sugarcane originates from certified sustainable sources. The company has already begun working toward this goal as a founding member of Bonsucro, which encourages socially and environmentally responsible sugarcane production throughout the world.

In addition, Bacardi plans to reduce packaging by 10 percent by 2017. As a result, the company will not only use less material in its products, but will also improve fuel efficiency during shipping. Furthermore, the company plans to reduce water consumption by an additional 55 percent beyond the gains it has already made in recent years. The company will also decrease greenhouse gas emissions by half and pursue many other sustainability targets.

The goals of Bacardi’s “Good Spirited” campaign are ambitious. By aiming high, Bacardi is charting a course toward responsible use of resources and truly sustainable business.

Bacardi Limited Leads the Industry with Innovative “Good Spirited” Initiative

Bacardi Limited unveiled its latest initiative, “Good Spirited: Building a Sustainable Future” on February 4, 2014. Through this campaign, the world’s largest privately owned spirits company has outlined a set of ambitious goals for environmentally and socially responsible business practices in the coming decade.

With this announcement, Bacardi continues a century-and-a-half long tradition of promoting sensible, sustainable enterprise. From its first repurposed whiskey barrels used to age its rum 152 years ago to the latest innovations to its facility that have reduced its worldwide water use by 54 percent over just the last seven years, Bacardi has had a rich history of balancing business success with corporate responsibility.

To date, Bacardi’s efforts have earned it global recognition. Unique among major spirits companies, Bacardi Limited has earned “triple crown” status for quality, health, safety, and the environment from the leading standards organizations Occupational Safety & Health Advisory Services (OSHAS) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Bacardi’s “Good Spirited” initiative outlines a long-term plan to continue the company’s progress toward sustainability. The program focuses on three major areas:

– Responsible sourcing. At Bacardi Limited, a major goal is to ensure that partners in all of its brand supply chains conduct business in a socially and environmentally conscious manner. In a first for the industry, the company will produce 100 percent of its BACARDÍ premium rums using material from sustainable-certified suppliers.

– Global packaging. Bacardi Limited has pledged to utilize innovative eco-designs in all of its point-of-sale materials and brand packaging in order to reduce the consumption of raw resources.

– Operational efficiencies. In an effort to decrease production waste, Bacardi Limited has committed to reducing water usage by 55 percent and greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent by 2017. The company will also streamline operations at all production facilities to completely eliminate landfill waste by 2022.

Through its “Good Spirited” campaign, Bacardi Limited has staked out a corporate leadership position. By creating a sustainable business model based on proven operational innovations learned over the last several years, Bacardi Limited aims to prove the economic viability of growing responsible partnerships and utilizing resources in a beneficial manner.

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