BACARDÍ Recipes Then and Now

Pre-Tour Drinks at the Bacardi Distillery

Pre-Tour Drinks at the Bacardi Distillery by slgckgc / CC BY

Between the 1950s and the 1970s, BACARDÍ published recipes that incorporated its products into party appetizers and holiday food. Early holiday print ads from the 1950s feature best wishes for the season along with BACARDÍ’s eggnog and rum cake recipes. A complete recipe pamphlet with BACARDÍ recipes was published in the 1970s. The “BACARDÍ Party Book” was a full-color, 10-page booklet with enticing photos of party food and drinks. The hot drink collection included the classic BACARDÍ Hot Toddy and BACARDÍ Hot-Buttered Rum. Adventurous warm rum drinkers might have tried the BACARDÍ AÑEJO Café Don Juan, a mixture of warm Añejo, coffee, and coffee liqueur that is lit on fire.

Recipes for BACARDÍ Rum Balls and BACARDÍ Chicken Crepes found in the Party Book supplied ideas for cocktail party appetizers. The pamphlet also featured holiday recipes, such as a “Thanksgiving Turkey a la BACARDÍ” with a BACARDÍ Silver Rum-infused stuffing. The “Famous BACARDÍ Rum Cake” recipe is featured in the Christmas section, along with eggnog and “Christmas Ham with BACARDÍ Rum Raisin Sauce.”

As its 150th anniversary approached, BACARDÍ created a new recipe collection consisting exclusively of cocktail formulas. Today’s BACARDÍ drinkers are more interested in making cocktails the way their favorite bartender or mixologist does, than in using spirits to prepare holiday foods. BACARDÍ’s answer is to bring the science of mixology to everyone. In 2010, BACARDÍ launched an iPhone application that made cocktail recipes accessible to the average drinker. The app allows users to search for drinks by name or by ingredients on hand. A shake of the iPhone produces a drink suggestion if the app user requires more specific ideas.

BACARDÍ has proved itself a nimble marketer, answering current trends with BACARDÍ products and services that have made the brand popular for more than 150 years.