Casa BACARDI – Tour Into Bacardi’s Past

The museum known as Casa BACARDI is situated on the garden-like campus of Bacardi’s Puerto Rico distillery. With 230,000 visitors per year, Casa BACARDI is the second-most visited tourist destination in San Juan. The drive from the entrance to the distillery to the museum and pavilion follows a greenbelt along the waterfront, affording beautiful views of the Bahía de San Juan.

Gold and white buildings with red accents distinguish the campus with Bacardi’s signature colors, and the iconic bat is found throughout. Casa BACARDI’s main entrance lobby features a striking sculpture of the bat logo atop a courtyard fountain. Warm golden tones on the room’s walls set off tiled murals that depict important historical events in Bacardi’s history.

Visitors to Casa BACARDI may choose from three tours. The visitor’s center tour includes a welcome cocktail and takes visitors on an interactive journey through Bacardi’s history from its founding to present day. The rum tasting tour includes a tour of the distillery with a brand master, and visitors may taste several of Bacardi’s most famous rums. Visitors wishing to expand their expertise on mixing three famous BACARDÍ cocktails opt for the mixology tour, and learn to prepare the Cuba Libre, the Mojito, and the Daiquiri.

The museum tour begins in a replica of the original distillery, which was purchased on Feb 2, 1862. After a lesson in Bacardi family history, visitors learn of Don Facundo Bacardí Massó’s discoveries and the steps he developed for making BACARDÍ rum. Just as Bacardi brand masters depend in part on their noses to determine if the process is progressing correctly, guests visit smell stations that present scents typical of the different steps of fermentation, distillation, aging, and finishing. Completed products are also available for sniffing only in the museum tour. Guests are then given complimentary BACARDÍ cocktails so they may sample the star of the Casa Bacardi tour.